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Canvas resources

Collection point for misc Canvas resources - see also [canvas-models] and [canvas-api]

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Misc resources

Canvas resources

Awesome CanvasLMS

Curated list of Community and open source contributions. A fair number out of date/broken links



Course design

Canvas course design overview

A focus on rebuilding a Bb course in Canvas, includes

RMIT’s designing a module in Canvas

RMIT have specific “Canvas elements” and “uplift elements” to help structure and ensure consistent presentation. All apparently hidden behind the intranet.

as a lecturer you only have a couple of points at which you can inject your personality and give your course an identity

Explicitly used to use modules. Push the use of “clear instructions can help students know what you expect of them and when”

Canvas Hacks

Hacking the Canvas User Interface


Hacking Canvas

because Canvas lets you mount custom css and javascript at the level of the account or sub-account. This gives administrators a remarkable amount of power, perhaps even too much.

Python and Canvas

Canvas UX approach

UX design from University of Birmingham

UX First approach in Canvas - still largely principles and Design

  1. Remove choice paralysis
  2. Guide and steward our users
    • led to design of home page, using content audit and hierarchy exercises - fairly standard
    • leading to 4 or 5 links
    1. Enter module
    2. assessments
    3. overview
    4. Support/help
  3. Reducing cognitive load
    • mention system 1 and system 2 (some very problematic explanations of this e.g. sides of the brain)
    • want students to be in system 1 (i.e. be easy) but then into system 2
  4. Mental models
    • Aesthetics - i.e. match the brand of Uni of Birmingham
    • Functionality - how websites work
    • Halo effect - what the above is attempting to achieve. i.e if it’s all positive, the halo will continue

Live example

Measuring success

But only at Part 1. Need to measure.

Introduction to the Canvas API



Embeddability - it’s a word - reality it is

“Canvas cheerleaders”

Other LMSs/Systems are like an airport. Canvas is an all-inclusive cruise ship. – Matt Miller Not something that supports the idea of a VLE and goes against the whole purpose of the presentation

Two ways to add to the buffet

RCE - embedding PDFs, images, audio, video

Quick quality guide - to make the course sexy

Assessment, outcomes and accessibility

Home page


Module overviews

  1. Course overview and introduction - “knock em dead”
    • course home page - relevant and useful
    • instructor biography
    • student self-introductions
    • syllabus
  2. Course technology
  3. Learning support
  4. accessibility
  5. Usability