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Growing with Canvas

Summary of working through a training course offered by Canvas. Ooh, and earning badges ��.


Canvas Language

Course Design

Minimal home page - cards with major sections, including introduction

Minimal left hand menu - Home / Modules / Marks

Does use pre-requisites and requirements to force sequential access to content.

Apparently uses all of the Canvas activity types. A list that only includes: assignments, discussions and quizzes.

Assignments are embedded within the modules, but also available as assignments. There is a Marks menu item that shows them. But doesn’t appear to give an overview


With the absence of CSS, the page headings appear to use explictly embedded images to change the visual appearance of headings.

Some modules have links to other pages within the module (e.g below). Do these have to be hand coded? If so would many teachers do this?

And the breadcrumb confusion made worse by requirements and internal links

Home page

Banner plus blurb plus cards.

Cards implemented with constrained HTML/CSS. Only the images are clickable on the cards.

Clicking on a card takes you to the modules page probably with a specific modeul at the top.