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NGDLE - Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

EDUCAUSE define the NGDLE as

a digital learning architecture encompassing a confederation of learning applications, tools, and resources woven together by means of open standards.

In part, because of the inherent variety

What is clear is that postsecondary learning is far too diverse to be enabled adequately by a single application or platform. Therefore, it seems legitimate to conclude that any LMS will always need to be supplemented by additional components and resources, resulting in a digital learning environment instead of an LMS platform.

Raising the question of who decides what supplements are allowed?


The NGDLE: We Are the Architects EDUCAUSE

For more

What’s a NGDLE? provides thoughts from David Hopkins. Includes pointers to thoughts from others and is inspired by So what will a NGDLE look like from Bryan Mathers which includes the following image. Which while including the Lego metaphor doesn’t resonate with me because the lego base is very uniform - hiding the true complexity and ugliness of the base.

What does a Next Generation Digital Learning Environment look like?

So what will a NGDLE look like? by @bryanMMathers is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Ammie Moot’s Some more thoughts on the NDGDLE for what it’s worth is very good, mentioning (amongst other things)