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Head First Design

[Head First Books]( were a series of technical related books published by O’Rielly in the mid-2000s onwards. They used a very different design approach - The Head First Formula

Head First learning principles

  1. Make it visual
  2. Use a conversational and personalised style
  3. Get the learner to think more deeply
  4. Get - and keep - the reader’s attention
  5. Touch their emotions

What we do

  1. Use pictures.
  2. Use redundancy
  3. Use concepts and pictures in unexpected ways.
  4. Add at least some emotional content, including humour, suprise, or interest
  5. Use a personalised, conversational style
  6. Include many activities
  7. Use multiple learning styles
  8. Use both sides of you brain
  9. Include stories and exercises from more than one point of view
  10. Use people

Studennt tips - Bend your brain into submission

  1. Slow down. The more you understand, the less you have to memorise.
  2. Do the exercises. Write your own notes.
  3. Read the “There are no dumb questions”
  4. Make this the last thing you read before bed. Or at least the last challenging thing.
  5. Drink water. Lots of it.
  6. Talk about it. Out loud.
  7. Listen to your brain.
  8. Feel something.
  9. Get a lot of practice.