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Expertise for content development

Jegan & Eswaran (2004) suggest that

Content development requires expertise from different fields. The design and development of content require major inputs from instructors, instructional designers, graphic designers, and programmers. Normally instructors are expected to develop the content for e-learning on their own. The design and development of content is not an easy task for instructors who lack experience in instructional strategies and learning theories. They are not aware of the effective methods, which can be used to present their content to learners.

And the need that

The content development team needs a method, which can capture the strategies developed by the experts based on their experiences with specific sets of problems Patterns have emerged as a solution to overcome this difficulty.

And constructive templates

Patterns are implemented by using constructive templates. A well-designed pattern can have more than one template…..The templates generate interactive content with good and customizable user interfaces as solutions for the patterns.


Jegan, T., & Eswaran, C. (2004). Patterns for E-learning content development. Journal of Interactive Learning Research, 15(2), 117-.