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Pathway planner

Docs for the development of the pathway-planner component.


  1. Choose major/minor
    1. select-major-minor
  2. Courses Done
    1. select-major-minor
    2. credit-point-progress
    3. program-structure
      1. List of course-progress
  3. Courses to do
    1. select-major-minor
    2. credit-point-progress
    3. program-paths

Data structures

Required data structures


Simple object-based “database-like” retrieval.

Some early planning


  1. Source Data
  2. Get it checked
  3. Put it in code


Could be a collection of three arrays. Year 1, 2, and 3. Each array containing objects representing a course.

Current status/plans

Implement pathway-planner custom element to encapsulate app

Use a router between the different states, including local storage

Look for other components for elements

Use generic HTML and CSS for styling.

how to

To do


Interface decisions and information

Material Components Web (mdc) - help developers implement Material design.

Material Design Web Components (mwc) - are a wrapper around MDC to create custom elements (web components)

Implement look and feel within shadow development

Web components often use the shadow DOM (by default?). Meaning it’s hidden away. External CSS doesn’t impact it?


Reactive property changes use properties and immutable approaches - create new arrays etc

setting property syntax