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Unbundled web components


  1. Can the magic script be used in a Blackboard page - YES
  2. How to integrate this into authoring in Bb?
    1. Bryan’s wordpress hack?
    2. Content/Card Interface?

PSU Context

HAXTheWeb aims to provide Headless Authoring eXperience. i.e. WYSIWYG editor built out of web componets. But HAX principles aim to make the web components able to stand without HAX.

Bundling versus unbundling

Outlines pros & cons of REACT type dev compares this worldview with that of A future without Webpack

Adopting the latter, unbundling approach

The Magic Script

The magic script does the work to allow


Bryan Ollendyke, Unbundled web components part 1: Context of WCs @ PSU – and the rest of the 7 part series