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Scaleless and Placeless

Where I heard it

Phrase used by Peter Calthorpe in this Long Now Foundation seminar to describe the type of high-rise urban housing built in the mid to late 20th Century in America.

Why did it resonate?

The commmon digital education spaces created in contemporary higher education strike me as increasingly

What forces contribute to this?

Vanilla-isation forces including:

It strikes me that each of the vanilla-isation forces are built upon numerous “common-sense” principles, including (but not limited to)

But the narrow focus of “in my box” means that the bigger picture is lost. i.e. that the resulting learning environments are scaleless and placeless. The emergent properties that rise from all these common-sense decisions are lost. At least to those not directly involved in the day to day use of these digital spaces.

What does placeless and scaleless look like in digital education?

To be continued, but some earlier ideas, include

Research ideas


There’s gotta be some good stuff out there.