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Digital Revolution

In this book Moodie uses the term digital revolution to identify the 3rd revolution to impact Universities (Gutenberg and Scientific revolutions being the first two).

He makes the point that this 3rd revolution

could also have been called the informational and communication technologies revolution of the internet revolution. The alternatives would have given the study different emphases and start dates. ‘Digital’ was chosen because it is more general and because in retrospect some of the changes now identified with information and communication technologies and with the internet originated with digitization.

This digital revolution is seen as

the combination of digital processing, digital storage, and digital transmission.

My question is does his analysis really get at the core of what it means to be digital?

There are other questions.

Does much of what society (let alone higher education) do with digital technology actually make use of the core affordances/nature of digital technology? Is there value in better understanding of the nature of digital technology and integrating that into our thinking?