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Integrating Hax Editor with Blackboard

post_title='Integrating the HEX editor with Blackboard content items'

The last post document some early experiments with the HAX magic script and its integration with the Blackboard Learn LMS. This included some ideas for further work using the magic script and web components with Blackboard. That post concluded that the HAX editor web component was probably too difficult to integrate with Blackboard due to my limited permissions with the institutional Blackboard.

This post demonstrates a workaround that enables the use of the HAX editor with Blackboard content items.

What is the HAX editor


animated GIF using

Try yourself

invitation for people to try themselves

HAX editing Blackboard Content Items

Explain the content items on a Blackboard page Show both the normal Blackboard edit and HAX edit

How to integrate Blackboard and the HAX editor

  1. Paste haxTheBlackboard.js script into Content Item. Enabling the next step.
  2. View the Blackboard page with edit mode on
  3. Click on the HAX Blackboard button to invoke the HAX editor
  4. Use the HAX editor to make changes.