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Card Interface Tweak documentation#


The Card Interface Tweak is a bit of Javascript/CSS that will transform a standard Blackboard Learn content area into a responsive, image rich card interface.

Before After
Normal Bb Learn content area Transformed into Card Interface


What and why?

What does it do? Why is this an educationally good idea?


Create Cards

How do you add cards to your Blackboard Learn content area?


Customise a Card

How do you:

  • Add an image?
  • Use a background colour?
  • Add a date or date range?
  • Change/remove the label?


Customise all cards

How do you:

  • Select a different card template?
  • Change the number of cards per row?
  • Change/remove "Engage"?
  • Change the order of cards?



Initial inspiration from the Blackboard Tweaks building block.


Jones, D. (2019). Exploring knowledge reuse in design for digital learning: Tweaks, H5P, CASA and constructive templates. In Y. W. Chew, K. M. Chan, & A. Alphonso (Eds.), Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart. ASCILITE 2019 (pp. 139–148).


"Question mark, Ipswich, 21 January 2010" by ed_needs_a_bicycle is licensed under [CC BY-NC-SA 2.0](

"Creation" by Ha Jeong Jeong is licensed under [CC BY-SA 2.0](

"Custom" by Fred More is licensed under [CC BY-NC 2.0](

"Nakuru, The Lake of 1,000,000 Flamingos" by Ray in Manilla is licensed under [CC BY 2.0](