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Seek triage list#

See also: seek

Dumping ground for ideas and resources that haven't yet been made sense of.


Teacher preparation#


Support - Oz curriculum excel - experiment with streamlit to visualise - Oz Curriculum content descriptors template - a teacher-pays-teacher site selling Word docs containing a list of the content descriptors with some mapping to be used in planning - Scootle offers a search by content descriptors

Pedagogy - Learner generated examples - questioning/assessing technique for teaching - complex instruction

Mathematics - The math people myth - Teaching trignometry by using a circle around a triangle, height etc - Tips for teachers - Mr Barton Maths - Delong, M., & Winter, D. (2002). Learning to teach and teaching to learn mathematics: Resources for professional development. Mathematical Association of America. - Hurrell, D. P. (2013). What Teachers Need to Know to Teach Mathematics: An argument for a reconceptualised model. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 38(11). - Beyond the race to nowhere

Digital technology v9-oz-digital-technologies


  • What are the features of indie web development?
  • How does that fit with nodt?

Leveraging digital technologies#


  • Better summarise current state of nodt ready for expansion

Yoo, Y. (2010). Computing in Everyday Life: A Call for Research on Experiential Computing. MIS Quarterly, 34, 213--231.