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Blog posts#

I'm no longer writing posts for my blog directly in Wordpress. Instead, the are being written using Foam which is used to maintain this site. Doing this unifies my writing process into one tool (Visual Studio Code), avoids the schmozzle that is Wordpress editing, and lets me leverage the VSCode/Foam ecosystem of tools and practices.

This ecosystem of tools brings many good things. For example, content is available in a form that is very interoperable enabling interesting manipulation. That content is stored on GitHub i.e. in a git repository, which provides a high level of control. Enables me to write blog posts on numerous computers and devices. Provide the ability to link my blog posts to the ideas and concepts stored here.

Maybe this will enable me to complete more of the posts I start.

Work in progress#




[where is the digital technology]: <2022/where is the digital technology> "where is the digital technology"