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Notes Description
bad - bricolage, affordances, distribution Ponderings about the BAD mindset
casa Contextually Appropriate Scaffolding Assemblages
herding-cats And why it's often the wrong metaphor?
know-thy-student Experiment with an early CASA
nodt Explorations into the nature of digital technology and perhaps eventually the implications of that nature for assemblages
sharing-design-knowledge Another experiment in early CASA
web-development How to


Notes Description
AI Obligatory explorations with LLMs
computing Explorations into computing as discipline
design Most learning design, a bit of LX and UX perhaps
floss Free/Libre Open Source Software
learning Learning and what we know about it
python Programming language, not the snake
relational Way of looking at things
research Practice thereof
society Study of


Notes Description
conferences I've attended and notes from
loose To be allocated notes
paper-ideas Where ideas go to die
paper-summaries Where the ideas of others go to die
recipes Probably the most used section
work-categories Really boring stuff


Notes Description
teaching Practice of
quality-and-teaching what is known about achieving it, knowing it
digital-literacy What do I really think of this idea?