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Long and short arc learning design#

See also: distribution

Goodyear (2009) proposes two contrasting images (recognising that there are many) of how a teacher may design a course

  1. Long arc - extended process of thinking, discussing and research possibilities, looking at repositories, books and using various exchanges. "There is a long arc between finding an idea or resource and embedding it, or its implications, in the new course."
  2. Short arc - "a more time-pressed teacher who is having to make decisions about good learning tasks, tools to be used...etc.."with only a day or two of lead time"

He suggests that the short arc teacher will be working with some tools and

the route to influencing their practice, with the highest probability of success, is to embed good ideas in these tools


Goodyear, P. (2009). Teaching, technology and educational design: The architecture of productive learning environments (pp. 1--37). P ALTC Fellowship report 2010.pdf