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Leveraging Data Analytics for Student Success#

Webinar ran by UTS. Titled - Arizona State University: Leveraging Data Analytics for Student Success.


  1. Need to measure current PAM report usage
  2. Think about practice of using question as heading
  3. Need to engage with course convenors/teams more to find out needs.
  4. Consider affordances for action for PAM etc

Presentation summary#

Sharing visualisations. Not deep research wise.

Value is bringing it to light. Putting it front of someone who can do something about it.

Intervention framework - Information - what is the useful information you are providing - Title of dashboards take the form of a question - Individual - who will benefit from having this information - Student, teacher, success coach/advisor, Dean - Intervention - what is the intervention

Four dashboards to be shown - pull - Activity summary Bird's eye view of course activity. Shows all courses and logins, clicks and minutes compared average. - Gradebook overview Visualisations to show result respective to others - push - activity filter - course scatter plot Current course grade on the X. Time spent on Canvas on the Y.

The dashboards appear to have been designed for specific tasks (activity systems) for specific roles. How well is PAM and other practice doing this?

Also developed/prototyped with the user - more user involvement.

The sooner you can connect with the end user, the better off you are Tend to shy away from presenting data to faculty

Simon question brings out the challenge of Tableaux not providing affordances beyond representation.

Using tableaux for dashboards