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My Publications#

A list of 30 formal academic publications. My Google Scholar Profile has more detail

Publication Type Total
Book Chapter 2
PhD Thesis 1
Refereed Journal Paper 3
Refereed Conference Paper 17
Presentation 4


Jones, D. (2019). Exploring knowledge reuse in design for digital learning: tweaks, H5P, CASA and constructive templates. In Y. W. Chew, K. M. Chan, & A. Alphonso (Eds.), Personalised Learning. Diverse Goals. One Heart. ASCILITE 2019 (pp. 139–148).


Jones, D., Lawson, C., Beer, C., & Jones, H. (2018). Context-Appropriate Scaffolding Assemblages: A generative learning analytics platform for end-user development and participatory design. In A. Pardo, K. Bartimote, G. Lynch, S. Buckingham Shum, R. Ferguson, A. Merceron, & X. Ochoa (Eds.), Companion Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge. Society for Learning Analytics Research.


Jones, D., Jones, H., Beer, C., & Lawson, C. (2017). Implications and questions for institutional learning analytics implementation arising from teacher DIY learning analytics. ALASI 2017: Australian Learning Analytics Summer Institute, Brisbane, Australia.
Albion, P., Jones, D., Campbell, C., & Jones, J. (2017). Open Educational Practice and Preservice Teacher Education: Understanding Past Practice and Future Possibilities. In Leping Liu & D. Gibson (Eds.), Research Highlights in Technology and Teacher Education 2017 (pp. 99–107). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.


Jones, D. (2016). How and why do people use the Moodle Book module? Moodle Moot’AU 2016, Perth, Australia.


Beer, C., Tickner, R., & Jones, D. (2014). Three paths for learning analytics and beyond : moving from rhetoric to reality. In B. Hegarty, J. McDonald, & S. Loke (Eds.), Rhetoric and Reality: Critical perspectives on educational technology. Proceedings ascilite Dunedin 2014 (pp. 242–250).


Beer, C., Jones, D., & Clark, D. (2012). Analytics and complexity : Learning and leading for the future. In M. Brown, M. Hartnett, & T. Stewart (Eds.), Future Challenges, Sustainable Futures. Proceedings of ascilite Wellington 2012 (pp. 78–87).,colin_-_analytics_and_complexity.pdf


Jones, D. (2011). An Information Systems Design Theory for E-learning [PhD].


Beer, C., Clark, K., & Jones, D. (2010). Indicators of engagement. Curriculum, Technology and Transformation for an Unknown Future. Proceedings of ASCILITE Sydney 2010, 75–86.
Clark, K., Beer, C., & Jones, D. (2010). Academic involvement with the LMS : An exploratory study. In C. Steel, M. Keppell, P. Gerbic, & S. Housego (Eds.), Curriculum, technology & transformation for an unknown future. Proceedings ascilite Sydney 2010 (pp. 487–496).


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Jones, D. (2007). Blogs, reflective journals and aggregation: An initial experiment. Blogs for Learning.


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Boggs, R., & Jones, D. (1994). Cyberspace: The new educational frontier.
Boggs, R., & Jones, D. (1994). Lessons learnt in connecting schools to the Internet. Australian Educational Computing, 9(2).
Chernich, R., & Jones, D. (1994). The design and construction of a simulated operating system.


Jones, D. (1993). Teaching systems administration.