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Help the learner know what, when and why to do something

A premise to my online and offline work. If the focus for good learning is what the learner does. Then it can be argued that an important first step that the learner know what, when and why to does.

Organise the online platform clearly and logically

Fanshawe et al (2020) list this as #2 of 3 guidelines for Creating Emotiional Engagement in Online Learning

Clear and logical organization visibly influences the quality of the online learning experience, positively impacts students’ performance, and helps students to feel like the experience they have accessing the course content and activities is important to the lecturer.6 In their 2017 article titled “Design Thinking Pedagogy: The Educational Design Ladder,” Cara Wrigley and Kara Straker suggest that a well-structured course positively impacts a student’s emotional connection to the learning community.7


Fanshawe, M., Burke, K., Tualaulelei, E., & Cameron, C. (2020). Creating Emotional Engagement in Online Learning.