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Problems with Modular Thinking


Define modular thinking

Organise for Complexity, part I+II

Working on individual parts of the system does not improve the functioning of the whole: Because in a system, it is not so much the parts that matter, but their fit. What really improves a system as a whole is working not on the parts itself, but on the interactions between parts. Systems are not improved by tinkering with the parts, but by working on their interactions.

Individual versus collective competence

Question is whether there is literature on this that includes technologies and systems

We learned that individual expertise did not distinguish people as high performers. What distinguished high performers were larger and more diversified personal networks – Cross, Rob et al (2004) *The Hidden Power of Social Networks**

The hierarchical structure approach also separates the “experience” (the client) from the decision makers. Change isn’t able to be devolved. A bit like decentralised decision making