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Collections Community

Building on the shoulders of giants

Collections has only been possible due to the Canvas, Griffith University, and broader open source communities. They've provided the motivation, support, related work, knowledge, and tools that made Collections possible.

🙏 Thank you.

Getting involved?

Collections is new. Participation is welcome.

How can contribute to Collections?

  1. Using Collections? - Share your experience, report bugs, and ask for new features.
  2. Modifying Collections? - Learn how to get started with Collections development and, please, contribute your work back.
Contribution How to
Ask a question Join the discussions area
Report a bug Create a bug report
Ask for a new features Create a feature request
Share you experience If you've used Collections, please do share your experience in the discussions area

Collections is open source. Licence update coming soon. It is explicitly designed to be easy to be modified to suit your context and requirements. It's hosted on GitHub, feel free to fork it and make changes. If you do, please consider contributing them back to the project.

Getting started with Collections development

The Collections readme provides some very basic information on how to get started with Collections development. More to come, hopefully.

If you've questions, please use the discussions area of reach out to the Collections maintainer directly.

Possible modifications

Possibility Description
Write a new representation

Representations are the most visual aspect of Collections. They are designed as stand alone Svelte components. Meaning it is fairly easy to create new representations to suit your needs.

Improve an existing representation

e.g. modify the Cards representation to include a drop-down of module items on the card.

Improve date handling

Currently date handling is very specific to Griffith. It needs further abstraction to more easily support other institutions and their calendars.

There's also an argument to be made for adding a standard calendar entry method.

Fix bugs

There will be bugs. Please, find them, report them, and if possible fix them.

Write tests

Collections is currently without a testing framework. This needs to change.