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Representations control how an individual collection is displayed. The currently available representations are listed in the table and explained in more detail on the relevant pages.

Representations for a given collection can be changed at any time. New representations can be developed and added.

Current representations

Name Description
CollectionsOnly The bare minimum representation. The vanilla Canvas Modules page is modified by adding: 1) the Collections navigation bar; 2) any include pages; and, 3) showing only modules belonging to the current collection.
GriffithCards Builds on CollectionsOnly by adding a card component for each module belonging to the current collection. The card component includes a number of additional features to transform the generic Canvas module into a design and context specific object.
AssessmentTable Rather than a card, each module is represented by a row in a table. The table is designed to summarises assessment for a course with columns for weighting and learning outcomes.
HorizontalCards A variation on GriffithCards where there is a single column of horizontal cards. One for each module. Specially designed to function in Claytons mode without any external CSS. Early release version

Vanilla Canvas

The vanilla Canvas Modules page shows a linear list of all the modules in a course (for students all the published modules). The following animated image shows the Modules page for a sample Canvas course containing 13 modules.

This same course is used in the demonstrations for the other representations.

Vanilla Canvas Modules (no Collections)