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Add a new collection

Add a new collection is an one component of an open Collections configuration dialog (e.g. the following image). It is used to add a new collection.

The "add a new collection" component

Features and Properties

Add a new collection provides three features/properties:

  1. Specify the name of the new collection.
  2. Select the representation for the new collection.
  3. Add the new collection.


A collection's name is used as part of the Canvas Collections navigation bar. i.e. it is visible to site visitors and used to identify the collection. In theory a name can be as long as you like, however, it will need to fit appropriately into the navigation bar.

You enter the name using the provided text box. The name can be changed after the collection is created - see the Existing collections page.

Each collection's name must be unique.


A collection's representation specifies how its modules will be presented visually to the site visitor. Once a collection is created, the representation can be changed at any time and as many times as necessary.

To choose the representation for the new collection, select the desired representation from the provided menu.

Adding a new collection

Adding a new collection