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Configure Collections

With Edit on you can open the Collections element to configure both

  • Collections; and,

    Change the visibility of Collections or use the Claytons functionality.

  • collections.

    Add a new collection, editing an existing collection, or update an output page for one collection.

The difference between _C_ollections and _c_ollections

Collections (upper case C) refers to Canvas Collections. The entire tool and how it is applied to your course.

collections (lower case c) are the individual groupings of modules you create and manage using Collections.

The Collections element is the main interface for configuring Collections (see image below). It contains a number of different sections that are described in more detail in the other tabs. By default, the Collections element is hidden. It is only visible with Edit on.

Canvas Collections element
Canvas Collections element

In the top left hand corner of the Collections element is the title Configure Canvas Collections and the version number of the Collections you are currently using.

Compare the version with the latest version page

Canvas Collections title and version number
Canvas Collections title and version number

The "visibility" menu allows you to change who can see live collections. There are four options.

Visibility option Description
no-one No-one can see live collections.
students Only students can see live collections.
teachers Only teachers/designers can see live collections.
all Everyone can see live collections.

See the live visibility page for more.

Collections' visibility menu
Collections visibility menu

The "existing collections" section contains one section for each of the collections currently created for this course. Each collection's section provides a number of configuration options and functions to perform.

A list of existing collections
A list of existing collections

To add a new collection you provide the collection's name and choose a representation.

Add a new collection
Add a new collection

The "Full Claytons" option provides the method to update Canvas pages with the representations of selected collections.

See the Full Claytons page for more.

Full Claytons
Full Claytons