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Is Collections installed?

Pre-requisites for Collections

For you to configure a course to use Canvas Collections you need to

  1. Have installed Canvas Collections
  2. Have a teacher or designer role in a Canvas course.

Can you student the Student View button?

If you can see the Student View button when viewing the Modules page?

Then Collections considers you have a teacher or designer role. Meaning you can configure Collections.

Then, to see if Collections is installed...

Go to the Module view of the course site

If all is working, as a teacher or designer you should see the Canvas Collections box appear at the top of the page next to the Student View button, as shown in the following image.

Can you see Collections?

Screenshot of Canvas modules page with the Collections configuration element in the top right-hand corner

Turn it on

By default, Canvas Collections is turned off. Use the toggle to turn it on. Initially, you won't see much change, beyond a slight difference in the Collections configuration element.

Has to be on to make changes

Collections will only modify the Canvas module view when it is turned on.

What changes you see will depend on

  1. What changes have been configured.
  2. If Collections' visibility setting is set appropriately.
After you turn Collections on for the first time