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New course: before and after

What does a Canvas course site look like before and after Collections is configured?

This Canvas course (see animated GIF below) currently has 14 modules (1 is unpublished).

The course is designed to help people answer the why, what and how questions about Canvas Collections. All (but one) of the modules provide answers to one of those three questions.

The final Questions & Suggestions module contains a Canvas page containing an embedded padlet. The aim being to generate lots of discussion about Canvas Collections.

Does the vanilla Canvas modules view help you understand the course design?

Example course before Collections has been configured

After Collections is configured, the 13 modules are organised into three questions matching the course design's three driving questions (Why? What? How?). In addition, the importance of the Questions & Suggestions padlet has been increased by making it a first level member of the navigation bar.

An includePage has been used to add an explanation about the purpose of the site.

For illustrative purposes, in the image below the What? collection is using the AssessmentTable representation

Which helps you better understand and navigate the course? Vanilla Canvas, or Canvas + Collections?

Example course after Collections has been configured