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The difference between Collections and collections

The use of upper or lower case C distinguishes between two different concepts:

  1. Collections - refers to Canvas Collections, the entire tool.
  2. collections - you use the tool (Collections) to create collections and allocate different Canvas modules to belong to different collections.

collections are the key feature of Canvas Collections. They support organising Canvas modules into design and context specific groups of modules - a feature long requested by the Canvas Community.

The figure below is an example of a typical Collections configuration dialog. The following table provides a description of the major components of the dialog and a pointer to more information.

Component Description
Version number

Next to the Configure Canvas Collections title is the version number of Collections being used (e.g. 1.1.0). This is useful for reporting bugs and identifying if you've the latest Collections' version.


Specify to whom Collections will be visible.

Existing collections

A list of the collections for this course. Use this to move and delete collections, change various collections values.

Add a new collection

Use this to add a new collection to the course.

Full "Claytons"

How you can generate a "Claytons" version of your course's Collections.

A typical Collections configuration dialog

A typical Collections configuration dialog