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Metadata tab - the module configuration area

The metadata tab is one of four tabs that form the module configuration area. It provides the interface to add and modify ad hoc metadata variables (name and value) for a specific module (see below).

This additional metadata may be used for purposes beyond Canvas Collections. It may also be used by some representations (e.g. the AssessmentTable representation looks for metadata variables by the names learning outcomes and weighting)

An example metadata tab

An example metadata tab


The metadata tab manages a list of metadata variables. Each variable has a name and a value.

A metadata variable can only be added if it has both a name and a _value


The name of the metadata variable.

A variable name cannot include HTML tags and other special characters.

Collections will remove these characters from the name and ask if you wish to proceed with the modified name.


The value of the metadata variable. An arbitrary string of text.

A variable value can include HTML tags and some other special characters.

An animated example using the metadata tab to modify variables