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Install Canvas Collections

Depending on your need and access, you must decided between two ways to install Canvas Collections: individual or institutional. The following table explains the differences.

Individual Institutional

For teachers/designers to experiment with Collections.

Possibly also to create visual home/landing pages for use without Collections.

For institutions to make Canvas Collections available to all teachers/designers.

Who installs it?


Anyone (with teacher/designer roles in Canvas) is able use the individual installation method.

Your institution.

Typically the institution's Canvas administrator. Since at an institutional level, Collections is installed directly into Canvas and is available to all users.

Who can use it?

The person using the individual installation method can use Collections to configure and navigate courses. Also use it to create visual landing pages.

Once installed institutionally, exactly how people can use Collections will depend on the role they have in Canvas courses.

Teachers/designers will be able to configure Collections for courses. Students will only be able to use Collections, if the course already has Collections configured.

How is it installed?

You install the Canvas Collections userscript into your browser.

An institution's Canvas administrator installs it into Canvas using the Theme Editor

How to do it Install "individual" Collections Install "institutional" Collections