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Collections Only

The following animated image shows the same vanilla Canvas course configured with Canvas Collections so that its 13 modules are organised into three collections: Why?, What?, and How?.

In this example, each collection is using the Collections Only representation. This is the bare minimum Collections' representation, which modifies the Canvas modules page to include:

  1. The collection's navigation bar (hence the name, Collections Only).

    This is how you navigate between collections.

  2. Any Include Pages configured for the collection.

    The Why? collection includes some text (A little bit of an include page -- one one 111) after the collection's navigation bar. This is the content of a Canvas page that has been configured as an Include Page for the collection.

  3. The modules belonging to the current collection.

    This is the standard Canvas Modules view, however, when viewing a collection you will only see the modules that belong to the current collection.

The above three elements are the bare minimum changes that Collections (when turned on) makes to the Canvas Collections page. The remaining

Modules page with Collections, but not representations